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Management Console

Fidelis XPS™ sensors can be deployed at network egress points, internal network segments, branch/remote offices, or any combination of the above. Deployments range from one to many sensors and all are managed by CommandPost™, an intuitive, web-based graphical user interface for policy creation, alert management, sensor administration and configuration, and user/group administration.

The policies assigned to each sensor can be managed from a single CommandPost, yet uniquely tailored to the requirements of the network location in which the sensor is deployed. All sessions with policy violations are detected by the sensors and forwarded to CommandPost for centralized alert management, issue tracking, and storage.

On the Fidelis XPS CommandPost, alerts are represented visually on a color-coded, dynamic graphical radar display showing up-to-the-minute event status. Alerts are intelligently grouped in the radar by CommandPost’s unique technology that “learns” from the incoming stream of events and groups using a neural network algorithm. This grouping shows alerts of a similar nature and may be based on combinations of user, type of information, and channel. A user can click on any event or cluster to drill down into alert details for further analysis and action.

The Fidelis XPS CommandPost allows organizations and users to separate views, tasks, and other administrative activities by roles, alert management groups, sensor assignments, and customized views. In this way, alert viewing and management, policy administration, and report generation can be segregated by a user’s business area, region, roles, and/or responsibilities.

The main features of CommandPost include:

  • Real-time alert monitoring
  • Management and workflow
    • - Create and manage rules and policies
    • - Assign policies to sensors
    • - Assign and manage user roles and permissions
    • - Generate reports and queries.
  • Scalability for large enterprises
  • Designed for a variety of users including business analysts, security teams, and IT administrators

Fidelis XPS and CommandPost capabilities take your network security beyond what intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention appliances (IDPS) can do, by plugging the holes that traditional network security products like IPS leave open for today’s advanced custom attacks.

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