Fidelis XPS

Network Security Appliance for Advanced Threat Defense

Built on a patented Deep Session Inspection® platform, Fidelis XPS™ is the industry’s only network security appliance with the power to deliver network visibility, analysis, and control over all ports and all channels in real-time, to prevent cyberattacks and guard against the possibility of a data breach on multi-gigabit-speed networks.

Simply deployed as a context-aware network or virtual appliance, Fidelis XPS is an advanced network security solution that gives global organizations the ability to see, study, and stop advanced threats in real-time, providing:

  • Visibility and control over the entire lifecycle of the threat;
  • Visibility and control over malware and non-malware based threats;
  • Visibility and control over all ports and protocols;
  • Scalability up to tens of Gbps and multiple files per second;
  • An open, flexible network security platform with the ability to create custom rules and consume third-party threat intelligence to identify threats.

Fidelis XPS identifies inbound and outbound threats using a combination of deep, real-time inspection of all applications and content traversing the network coupled with dynamic threat intelligence, selective network forensics, and integrated static and dynamic malware detection and analysis technology. Fidelis XPS gives security teams broad visibility over all network threats (both malware and non-malware based), across all network ports and protocols, at multi-gigabit speeds.

The Fidelis XPS network security solution increases the probability of detecting advanced threats by providing a level of visibility over all phases of the threat lifecycle and enables security practitioners to discover, investigate, and remediate advanced threats quicker, more efficiently and more cost-effectively than they can do using other toolsets and techniques. Because the Fidelis XPS technology decodes and analyzes the applications and content flowing over the network in real-time (while the network sessions are occurring), it can take an action, such as a selective recording action or a blocking action, on a network session before the session completes. The system includes a flexible, open rules engine that security teams can use to identify and track custom threats that were designed specifically to target their organizations.