Advanced Threat Defense

Fidelis XPS™ provides Advanced Malware Protection, Data Theft Protection, and Network Security Analytics in a single, tightly integrated system for continuous protection across the enterprise.

Advanced Malware Protection

Advanced Malware Detection

Built on our patented Deep Session Inspection® technology, Fidelis XPS analyzes scores of advanced malware per second as they flow over the network, maintaining a high malware detection rate with extremely low false positives.

Real-Time Threat Prevention

Fidelis XPS analyzes network traffic at multi-gigabit speeds, providing real-time discovery and prevention of commodity and targeted advanced malware, exploits, and command and control activity.

Automated Threat Intelligence

The Fidelis Insight cloud delivers a continuous stream of finely curated reputational threat intelligence for automatic consumption by Fidelis XPS sensors; a key component in enabling the solution to quickly identify suspicious and malicious activity.

Flexible Policy (Rules) Engine

With an open and flexible rules engine, Fidelis XPS allows you to operationalize known advanced threat indicators using open industry standards, like YARA. Simply Copy, Paste, Protect.

Wire-Speed Performance

Fidelis XPS is optimized to analyze gigabits of network traffic in real time, providing analytical tools and advanced persistent threat (APT) detection processes that keep your enterprise safe from harm.


Network Security Analytics

Full Metadata Capture

Fidelis XPS collects details (metadata) about every network transaction. This metadata is stored as historical network memory and leveraged to discover past incursions.

Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Fidelis XPS analyses network content against multiple sources of threat intelligence including reputation feeds, custom policies, and Fidelis Insight’s threat prevention policies.

Advanced Visualization

Fidelis XPS provides the visualization necessary to understand your organization’s threat landscape. Fidelis XPS delivers dynamic summaries and trends of your enterprise, by host, alerts, location, and protocols.

Customizable Reporting

Fidelis XPS provides standard and customizable reports on the rich metadata collected over time. You may craft your own inquiries on over 60 metadata attributes and user-defined tags, then schedule the results for delivery.

Correlated Alerting

Fidelis XPS alerts provide comprehensive, actionable information allowing you to quickly determine the source and response to APT attacks and other detected cybersecurity threats. Fidelis XPS correlates the alert data for investigation with other transactions potentially related to the threat.


Data Theft Protection

Data Loss Prevention

Fidelis XPS prevents the ultimate objective of attackers—data theft. By utilizing sophisticated rules and techniques, Fidelis XPS provides reliable data loss protection that stops the exfiltration of sensitive and confidential information from your network.

Intellectual Property Protection

Through its flexible and powerful policy engine, Fidelis XPS matches the characteristics of your intellectual property. Fidelis XPS will block any unauthorized transfers of this data.

Complete Content Visibility

Fidelis XPS delivers network visibility, analysis, and control over all protocols, applications, and file types to defend against advanced threats and prevent data theft in real time.

Flexible Data Profiling

Through a flexible, powerful policy engine, you can define the characteristics of your most valuable data. Fidelis XPS performs intelligent pattern matching to identify sensitive data and keep it from leaving your network.

Actionable Alerts

Fidelis XPS alerts block the transfer of sensitive data and provides accurate threat assessment alerts with clear forensic evidence of violations, allowing you to rapidly triage and remediate security risks.