Meet Our Cybersecurity Directors

The Fidelis Cybersecurity Breach Services offerings are delivering by the Network Defense and Forensics (NDF) team, comprised of veteran security professionals with years of experience at agencies including Air Force CERT, US-CERT, AFOSI, NSA and DC3. Staff members have had careers in the forensic sciences serving government agencies, law enforcement, academia and corporate network management. Their diverse backgrounds make the team a provider of one of the most comprehensive cybersecurity services offerings in the industry.

Mike Stewart, Southeast Regional Director

Mike Stewart is the Southeast Regional Director for the Fidelis Cybersecurity Network Defense and Forensics team. He manages large-scale complex proactive and reactive service offerings and serves as the main contact for clients in the Southeast. Mike has more than three decades of experience in the Information Assurance and Network Security field. He possesses in-depth practical experience managing medium to large classified Local /Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN) operations and maintenance facilities, personnel, and resources. Proven professional experience working information assurance, network security, communications system design, installation, strategic planning, project management, policy development, budgeting, supervision, and training. Mike is an expert in critical network functions to include Network Operations Center (NOC), Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), Incident Response Teams (IRT), Certification and Accreditation (C&A), intrusion detection, network security scanning, and penetration testing. He has a strong working knowledge of LAN/WAN architectures, encryption and protected distribution systems for multiple security enclave environments. Mike has been leading incident responses to network breaches for the past 10 years and has lead teams on many large commercial intrusions from different industries to include financial, healthcare, retail, energy, legal, aerospace, and transportation.Mike holds his AAS in Digital Technology from the US Air Force, a BSBA from the University of Southern Colorado, and a Master’s in Information Technology from Webster University.

Ryan Vela, Northeast Regional Director

As Northeast Regional Director, Ryan Vela provides proactive and reactive cybersecurity leadership to both the private and public sectors. Prior to joining Fidelis Cybersecurity's Network Defense and Forensics team, Ryan served as a Lead Investigator for General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems where he worked on some of the largest global cyber breaches. Ryan also served as a Quality Assurance Manager at the Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3). Additionally, Ryan served as Strategic Planner for the Defense Computer Forensics Laboratory (DCFL) and the Defense Cyber Crime Institute (DCCI). Ryan specializes in organizational strategies, incident response, large-scale cyber breaches, network security, computer forensics, malware analysis, and security assessments. He facilitates liaison with legal counsels, regulators, auditors, vendors, and law enforcement. Ryan has numerous years of experience with General Dynamics as an advisor, technical leader, quality assurance manager, and forensic examiner while supporting DC3 and their various agency customers, as well as the General Dynamics commercial business unit. Prior to General Dynamics, Ryan served as Security Manager for North and South America for Shell IT International. Ryan is a CISSP and has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science from Georgetown University as well as a Master’s of Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University.

Sig Murphy, West Coast Regional Director

In his role as the West Coast Regional Director for Fidelis Cybersecurity's Network Defense and Forensics team, Sig Murphy is responsible for managing large-scale complex service offerings and serving as the main contact for West Coast clients. He has over fourteen years of experience with General Dynamics as a technical specialist serving as the lead for incident response teams working some of the largest incidents, both public and private, ever reported. These clients include Fortune 50 corporations, major stock exchanges, as well as some of the largest law firms in the world. While supporting government customers, Sig provided award-winning support as the Section Chief for the DoD Cyber Crime Center’s Intrusion Analysis and Counterintelligence sections. Sig was involved from the inception of the DC3 Intrusion team in the development of the DoD methods to evaluate and address Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) intrusions. During his tenure at DC3 (2000-2012), he worked on over 400 APT linked intrusions from a variety of different threat actors and served as the DoD liaison to Defense Industrial Base (DIB) clients as well as federal law enforcement. Sig is has Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Computer Science from Georgetown University and a Master’s of Information Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.


Mike Lotas, Director International Cybersecurity Services

As the Director of International Cybersecurity Services and as the Chief Cyber Security Architect for Fidelis, Mike Lotas provides over 20 years of cybersecurity experience in both digital and physical security for the commercial and government sectors.  Prior to joining the Fidelis Cybersecurity Network Defense and Forensics team, Mike served as a Senior Lead Engineer for General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems where he worked on some of the largest global cyber breaches in history. During Mike’s tenure with General Dynamics, he served as Chief Architect on a 200 million dollar, multi-level, trusted solutions program that later became the baseline architecture for other projects.  This experience of developing and managing extremely complex and detailed security architectures has proven to be invaluable in the commercial sector.  Additionally, Mike has been awarded tabs for US Army Special Forces Medic (18D) and US Army Special Forces Engineer (18C).  Mike has expertise across the spectrum of cyber security, from standing up Security Operations Centers (SOCs), standing up new security business units including the hiring and training of CISOs and CSOs, to developing new and disruptive cyber capabilities. He currently is specializing in international services projects, business development, and long-term partnerships, large-scale cyber breaches, computer forensics, network security, computer forensics, and security assessments.  Mike received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science from Park University, Missouri.