Threat Intelligence

Fidelis Insight is a cloud-based service, providing a continuous stream of high-quality threat intelligence for use by the Fidelis XPS™ Advanced Threat Defense products. This dynamic threat intelligence is automatically consumed by the Fidelis XPS CommandPost management console and operationalized on the network by the Fidelis XPS sensors.

Fidelis Insight provides multiple forms of high-quality threat intelligence including:

  • Phishing, malware, and botnet command and control locations
  • Malware content signatures
  • Advanced threat detection rules written by our Threat Research team.

Finely curated reputational intelligence is assembled from a broad range of sources and using a wide array of investigative techniques, including active Internet scanning, heuristics, behavioral exploit detection, sandbox execution, signature matching, domain registration monitoring, DNS root server activity monitoring, malware reverse engineering, and active command and control server validation. This intelligence is blended with handcrafted rules derived from original research conducted by the Fidelis Threat Research team, in collaboration with the world-class Fidelis Network Defense and Forensic team. Fidelis Insight is a key component in enabling the solution to automatically identify suspicious/malicious network activity. It is available to all Fidelis XPS customers as a part of normal maintenance and support service.