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Insight Threat Intelligence

At Fidelis, we believe that securing the modern enterprise and combating advanced threats requires a combination of people, process, and technology. Fidelis Insight helps our customers face advanced threats with confidence.

The Dynamic Threat Intelligence Service, available at no charge to all Fidelis XPS customers,is comprised of policies and intelligence feeds delivered on a continuous basis to all Fidelis XPS management consoles from a cloud-based service operated by Fidelis. This allows for real-time discovery and prevention of activity involving known malicious files and sites involved with malware, phishing, and botnets. Our finely curated reputational intelligence is assembled from a broad range of sources and using a wide array of investigative techniques, including active Internet scanning, heuristics, behavioral exploit detection, sandbox execution, signature matching, domain registration monitoring, DNS root server activity monitoring, malware reverse engineering, and active command and control server validation. This intelligence is blended with hand-crafted rules derived from original research conducted by the Fidelis Threat Research Team, in collaboration with the world-class Fidelis Network Defense and Forensics team. Add it all up and Fidelis Insight lets our customers leverage Fidelis XPS to combat both known and unknown threats with unprecedented efficiency and precision.

With this exceptional degree of visibility, analysis, and control over network traffic, Fidelis Insight provides a new level of automated and actionable intelligence sharing, enabling organizations to increase their situational awareness to finally manage advanced threats and prevent data breaches.

Contact Fidelis today to learn more about how Fidelis XPS and Fidelis Insight Threat Intelligence Services are uniquely engineered to provide proactive situational awareness to managed advanced threats in your organization.

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