Network and Endpoint Integration

The Challenge

Tasked with reviewing an ever-growing list of alerts, security teams are not able to quickly validate whether the suspicious event took place on the endpoint because they lack the context required to determine if it happened. Network security solutions are not tightly linked to endpoints, leaving teams with unanswered questions. When analysts do respond to an incident, the task of determining which systems are potentially compromised and retrieving the data can take days, or weeks. The sheer number of alerts make it nearly impossible to adequately respond to all of them which means critical attacks are often missed.

Key Challenges We Address

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    Identifying which alerts matter

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    Quickly finding compromised systems

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    Stopping attacks and preventing data theft

How We Do It

Fidelis changes the way security teams work. By instantly validating network detections on the endpoint, Fidelis helps security teams prioritize what needs attention now. Fidelis delivers the unique ability to drastically reduce response times for investigation and response through automated processes.

Receive Confirmed Alerts

Validated alerts enable security teams to quickly prioritize which alerts are most critical instead of trying to filter through potential false positives.

Eliminate Manual Investigation

We apply our in-depth knowledge of actors’ tactics and techniques and look for specific critical artifacts on the network and endpoint to confirm the suspicious event occurred.

Answers to What Occurred

Fidelis automatically delivers rich and actionable alert and event context that provides details on what took place before and after the suspicious event.

Take Immediate Action

Equipped with actionable context, security teams can quickly respond to threats in a single click. Fidelis enables security analysts to take immediate action on the endpoint from the Network alert.

Detects Intrusions in Real-Time and in the Past

New intelligence is automatically applied to rich metadata from your network and endpoints to detect attacks in the past and provide additional context.

Pivot from Detection to Investigation

Pivot directly from real-time detection to historical investigation and analysis with a single solution and a single interface.


Capability / Feature Fidelis Other
Validated Endpoint Activity
Validations based off the specific type of alert/threat
Validation artifact attribution
Detailed artifact information like user context and process name
Hostname, OS and current user information
Artifacts of interest (quickly see items to support the investigation based off of attack type)
Integrated timeline view to see events leading up to during and after the alert
Similar host validation (identify other hosts matching the alert criteria)
Quarantine host directly from validated alert
Execute forensic/IR routines against host from validated alert

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