October 24 - 25, 2019 | 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM ET


Fidelis Cybersecurity is excited to be a sponsor of GrrCON! GrrCON is an information security and hacking conference put together to provide the community with a venue to come together and share ideas, information, solutions, and most importantly engage with like minded people in a fun atmosphere. Interested in attending? Reach out to us here for discounted passes!

Our Senior Intelligence Analyst, Aamil K, will be presenting on The Importance of Relevant, Timely, and Qualitative Intelligence Analysis.

Every day, researchers and analysts are bombarded with new sets of data and information pertaining to threats and adversaries. This is not very different from what intelligence analysts encounter in physical terrain warfare. In both cases, intelligence can only succeed in looking beyond the ‘flavor of the week’ by applying timely, qualitative analysis to relevant information. In this presentation we will discuss:

  • Examples of observing common and older tactics and vulnerabilities that are actively being leveraged (instead of theoretical risks)
  • Using historical information to make well-informed assessments of future adversary courses of action
  • Applying qualitative-based risk assessments to adversaries based on observed capabilities and intent
  • Utilizing non-technical methods of intelligence collection such as human intelligence

We’ll also walk through real-life examples, including our hands-on experience in confirming tactics used by hacktivists during an actual campaign, and tracing suspected ties between a Middle Eastern paramilitary organization and a domestic cyber adversary.

Interested in hearing his talk? He’ll be presenting on Thursday, October 24, at 12:00 pm. Can’t make his talk? He’ll be at Booth #23 – stop by to speak to our cyber security experts. We hope to see you there!

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