Fidelis Deception

Activate Your Defense.

Lure, detect, and defend against attackers with intelligent deception that adapts to your environment.


Lure. Detect. Defend.

Create the opportunity for an active defense.

Intelligent deception technology

Combine a wide variety of realistic decoys, false trails, and fake credentials that look, act, and feel real to attackers. Simulated access data creates an intelligent decoy network that includes devices, data, and behavior all designed to turn the tables on the attackers. They pursue the lures so you can lure, detect, and defend.


Adapts As Your Network Changes

Easy and automatic deployment that stays up to date.

Automated. Persuasive. Easy.

Deception that continuously maps networks and assets then automatically creates, deploys, and manages a decoy network based on real assets, services, users, and processes.

High Fidelity Alerts.
No False Positives.

Detect anomalies, malicious activity, and insider threats without business interruption.

Active Awareness

Instead of searching in vain for the bad actor within an ocean of good data, deception delivers actionable alerts, forensics and events from decoys, behavior, and traffic analysis. These have extremely high fidelity and no false positives when tuned.

Fidelis Cloud: Simple Subscriptions | Sophisticated Security

Rapid Deployment. Powerful Security. No Headache.

Fidelis Deception's, (formerly TopSpin's) disruptive deception technology offers real time awareness of potential risks to our business, while enriching our threat intelligence system with accurate, quality data.

- Russ McManus, CTO, Chicago Trading Company (CTC)