Fidelis Deception™

Ensure the Strongest Post-Breach Defense

Detect and defend against threats in your network and cloud with active decoys.


Dramatically Reduce Dwell Time with Intelligent Deception

Combine a wide variety of realistic decoys, false trails, and fake credentials that look, act, and feel real to attackers. Simulated access data creates an intelligent decoy network that includes devices, data, and behavior all designed to turn the tables on the attackers. They pursue the lures, so you can lure, detect, and defend.

Dramatically Reduce Dwell Time with Intelligent Deception

Lure Attackers to Decoy Environment

  • Easily create realistic decoys for assets and software which consume attacker time and distract from real resources - providing crucial hours and minutes to defend.
  • Lure attackers and insiders to decoys through the use of breadcrumbs, which make deception deterministic.


Fidelis Deception adapts to your changing network

Adapts as Your Network Changes

Network and asset discovery is automated, continuously detecting new networks, assets, or applications to keep the deception layer as accurate and realistic as possible. Automation makes deception a viable option – even when security resources are restricted, experiencing alert and response fatigue, and lack visibility for lateral internal traffic.

Automated. Persuasive. Easy.

  • Remove the blind spot to discover network assets, build the deception layer, deploy, detect, and defend - with minimal resources and time required.
  • Rapidly deploy decoys and breadcrumbs for immediate effectiveness.

Take Swift Action with High Fidelity Alerts

Intelligent deception reverses roles with attackers to lure them into known desired data via breadcrumbs, decoys, and Active Directory deception. Given the deception layer is unknown to users and partners with no reason for access, alerts have high fidelity with few false positives. Deception is designed to detect post-breach attacks in the first few hours and days before attackers become silent insiders leveraging credentials and internal knowledge.

Fidelis Deception Incidents

Active Awareness

  • Ensure greater context and insight through alerts from decoy access or the use of poisoned data that are enriched with surrounding network analysis, plus MITM network traps.
  • Gain critical visibility and forensics to learn attacker TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures) and their desired assets.

Fidelis Deception's, (formerly TopSpin's) disruptive deception technology offers real time awareness of potential risks to our business, while enriching our threat intelligence system with accurate, quality data.

- Russ McManus, CTO, Chicago Trading Company (CTC)