Fidelis Endpoint

Watch Awareness Transform Into Action

Automatic validation. Automatic response. Awareness everywhere.


Automated Endpoint Response At The Tip Of Your Finger

From full response automation to
one-click investigation and remediation.

One Click Remediation

Automate endpoint response actions out of the box: from isolation, lock-down, and investigation to forensic capture, deep inspection, and expulsion.


Deeper Insight & Greater Visibility Means Faster Protection

Harvest rich system information from endpoints and automatically correlate it against threat reputation services, advanced threat detectors and threat intelligence to confirm when endpoints are compromised.

One Screen. Integrated Network & Endpoint.

Centralized Events deliver complete insight. Our unique hybrid agent communication model provides lightning fast communications and utilizes peer-to-peer communications for distribution of resources, reducing bandwidth consumption, while returning results from jobs in seconds, not minutes or hours. Job results and collected data are communicated securely, and directly back to the server over encrypted channels. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s all in one place, Fidelis.

Enhanced Endpoint Protection

Enhance Endpoint security without breaking the bank.

Extend Detections Without the Need for Multiple Solutions

Fidelis AV, powered by Bitdefender, extends Fidelis Endpoint™ and enhances protection by introducing -Signature and Heuristic Detection and Prevention, Global File Quarantine, Event and Alert integration and Process scanning.

Fidelis Cloud: Simple Subscriptions | Sophisticated Security

Rapid Deployment. Powerful Security. No Headache.

There is nothing available today with the depth and breadth of this product when it comes to identifying, responding to and remediating digital incidents.

- SC Magazine