Fidelis Network

Your Security Operations Transformation Starts Now.

Unprecedented network visibility combined with automated detection & response.


Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Move from random clues to connected conclusions and take action with Fidelis Conclusions.

From Clues To Conclusions

Automatically validate, correlate, and consolidate network alerts and suspicious activity against every endpoint in your network. Alerts are automatically grouped into Conclusions so you focus on the fix rather than the hunt.

Network & Endpoint Together At Last

Security operations teams have all the information and none of the gaps because Fidelis Elevate brings endpoint and network together in one place.


One Screen. Integrated Network & Endpoint.

Analysis is performed by network sensors, endpoint agents, Fidelis Insight and Collector. Security analytics are automatically correlated and triangulated across the environment and presented to the analyst in a single user interface known as K2.

Elevated Perspective

Deep Session Inspection. Deep Packet Inspection. Deep Content Inspection. See What You’ve Been Missing.


Visibility That Is Deep And Wide

Session-plus-packet inspection goes beyond packet-only signatures. We see the entire inbound and outbound communication stream, including content. We assemble and analyze network sessions in memory in real-time which grants unprecedented visibility, detection, and determination.

Fidelis Cloud: Simple Subscriptions | Sophisticated Security

Rapid Deployment. Powerful Security. No Headache.

We were blown away when we first saw the power of integration at work in Fidelis Elevate. Fidelis has actually integrated network and endpoint in a way that improves our security operations.

- Government Research Facility