Fidelis Network®

Automate Breach Detection for Faster Response

Gain deep network visibility into sessions, packets, content, and much more .


Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Fidelis Network automatically validates, correlates, and consolidates network alerts against every endpoint in your network. Minimize false positives and shift from clues to conclusions so you can quickly address the alerts that matter most.

Fidelis Conclusions

From Clues To Conclusions

  • Improve the efficiency of your security analysts – reducing the time it takes to triage an incident from hours to minutes.
  • Increase the effectiveness of security analysts by automating more than half of incident response (IR) workflow steps.
Fidelis Network and Endpoint Integration Video
Fidelis Network and Endpoint Integration Video

Respond Faster to Breaches

Through the integration of Fidelis Network and Fidelis Endpoint modules, you can quickly gain more context around an investigation and ensure a faster, more effective response. Suspicious network data, rich content, and files analyzed by multiple defenses, security analytics and rules are included as pre-staged evidence to security analysts – all in one view.

Detect Threats Earlier and Quickly Respond – All in One Integrated Solution

  • Detect threats earlier, respond faster, and conduct deep investigations across networks and endpoints.
  • Collect data, record playbacks, lock down or isolate an endpoint, or enable deep incident response.

Gain Enhanced Visibility

The patented Deep Session Inspection (DSI) engine, in addition to the included packet capture technology, generates comprehensive protocol, application, and content-level metadata - expanding the ‘detection surface area’ for analysis within Fidelis Network. The DSI engine sees every single packet traversing the network, and recursively decodes and analyzes the protocols, applications, and content objects in those session buffers in real-time allowing Fidelis Network to ‘see deeper’ into applications and the content flowing over the network.

Fidelis Network Module

Visibility That Is Deep And Wide

  • Analyze real-time and historical rich metadata – all via a single interface.
  • Gain deep visibility across kill chain stages including infection, lateral movement, command-and-control traffic, and data exfiltration.
Fidelis Endpoint Module

Leverage Threat Intelligence with Fidelis Insight

(included with Fidelis Network and Fidelis Endpoint product modules)

Intel-Driven Threat Correlation, Triangulation and Validation

  • Analyze real-time and historical data so you can rapidly detect and respond to threats in your environment, even when they happened in the past.
  • Bring together machine learning, anomaly detection, session, packet and content inspection with sandbox determination and historical metadata analysis to create a unique and authoritative conclusion that teams can act on with confidence.

Flexible Deployment Options:

Fidelis Enterprise — On-premises Deployment

  • You maintain and manage all appliances and software
  • Fidelis professional services assists with deployment and training
  • Available network sensors include: Direct, Mail, Internal, and Web
  • Maintenance fees includes intelligence updates from Fidelis Threat Research Team
  • License additional appliances, sensors as your needs grow

Fidelis Network Cloud – Managed by Fidelis

  • Infrastructure maintained by Fidelis, so you can focus on security
  • Rapid deployment and immediate implementation
  • Scale up as you grow with as many software sensors as you need
  • Uninterrupted service as you transition from a trial to production
  • Simplified subscription pricing based on your bandwidth and storage needs

We were blown away when we first saw the power of integration at work in Fidelis Elevate. Fidelis has actually integrated network and endpoint in a way that improves our security operations.

- Government Research Facility