Fidelis Elevate™

Automated Detection & Response for Improved Security Operations

Ensure the strongest pre- and post-breach defense across networks, endpoints, and cloud environments.


Automated Detection & Response Platform

Fidelis Elevate Introduction Video
Fidelis Elevate Introduction Video

Fidelis Elevate is an automated detection and response platform that dramatically improves the effectiveness and efficiency of security operations.  By delivering comprehensive network visibility, breach detection, intelligent deception, automatic alert validation and endpoint detection and response, Fidelis Elevate minimizes attacker dwell time and ensures you have the strongest pre- and post-breach defense.

Ensure Best-of-Breed Breach Detection with Fidelis Network®

Gain deep visibility – across sessions, packets, and content – and automatically validate, correlate, and consolidate network alerts against every endpoint in your network for fast response.



Fidelis Network Module

Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Move from random clues to connected conclusions and take action. Conclusions indicate alerts that occur on the same victim (a host or email address) over time.


Respond Faster to Breaches

Quickly gain more context around an investigation and ensure a faster, more effective response – through network and endpoint integration.


Gain Enhanced Visibility

Expand the ‘detection surface area' by analyzing sessions, packets, and content – in real-time and retroactively.


Leverage Threat Intelligence

Automatic threat correlation, triangulation, validation, and consolidation powered by contextual intelligence from Fidelis.


Fidelis Endpoint Module

Automate Endpoint Detection and Response with Fidelis Endpoint®

Increase endpoint visibility, reduce response time from hours to minutes and enhance your endpoint protection.

Gain Greater Visibility and Insight

Monitor online and offline endpoints, record system events, view a timeline of activities and processes, and hunt for threats directly on the endpoint.


Automate Endpoint Response

Immediately halt data exfiltration and lateral movement and integrate with SIEMs, NGFWs, and other applications to execute response actions and send alerts.


Enhance Your Endpoint Protection

Ensure detection and prevention of known and unknown malware by utilizing signatures as well as advanced heuristic scanning.


Leverage Threat Intelligence

Apply different types of intel to search for and identify compromised endpoints and automatically take action.


Lure, Detect and Defend Against Attackers Inside Your Network with Fidelis Deception™

Ensure a strong first line of post-breach defense that helps you dramatically reduce attacker dwell time.


Reduce Dwell Time with Intelligent Deception

Lure and detect attackers with a wide variety of realistic decoys, false trails, and fake credentials that look, act, and feel real to attackers.

Adapts As Your Network Changes

Automatically discover network assets, build the deception layer, deploy, detect, and defend - with minimal resources and time required.

Take Swift Action with High Fidelity Alerts

Ensure greater context and insight through alerts from decoy access or the use of poisoned data that are enriched with surrounding network analysis, plus MITM network traps.

Fidelis Insight

Gain Curated and Contextual Threat Intelligence with Fidelis Insight™ (included with Fidelis Network® and Fidelis Endpoint® product modules)

Fidelis Insight analyzes real-time and historical data, so you can rapidly detect and respond to threats in your environment, even when they happened in the past.


Automatic Threat Validation

Automatic threat correlation, triangulation, validation and consolidation is powered by intelligence from Fidelis.


Universe of Detections

Bring together machine learning, anomaly detection, session, packet and content inspection with sandbox determination and historical metadata analysis to create a unique and authoritative conclusion that teams can act on with confidence.


No Stone Unturned

Investigate what attackers have done in the past. Apply new intelligence to historical data to detect compromises that already happened. Fidelis provides a lighter, faster and less expensive way to analyze historical data.


Flexible Deployment Options:

Fidelis Enterprise — On-premises Deployment

  • You maintain and manage all appliances and software
  • Fidelis professional services assists with deployment and training
  • Available network sensors include: Direct, Mail, Internal, and Web
  • Maintenance fees includes intelligence updates from Fidelis Threat Research Team
  • License additional appliances, sensors as your needs grow

Fidelis Cloud — Managed by Fidelis

  • Infrastructure maintained by Fidelis, so you can focus on security
  • Rapid deployment and immediate implementation
  • Scale up as you grow with as many software sensors as you need
  • Uninterrupted service as you transition from a trial to production
  • Simplified subscription pricing based on your bandwidth and storage needs