Transform Security Operations With Automated Detection & Response

Fidelis Elevate, the First Purpose-Built, Network-Endpoint Integrated ADR Platform.


Fidelis Network® Module

Unprecedented network visibility combined with automated detection & response.




Move from random clues to connected conclusions and take action. Conclusions indicate alerts that occur on the same victim (a host or email address) over time.


Integrated Network & Endpoint

All the information and none of the gaps with endpoint and network telemetry correlated, validated, and consolidated in one place.


Visibility That Is Deep And Wide

Session-plus-packet-plus-content inspection. Machine learning and a universe of detection capabilities brought together in a single platform.

Fidelis Endpoint® Module

Automatic validation. Automatic response. Awareness everywhere.

Automated Response Engine

Automate endpoint response actions out of the box: from isolation, lock-down and investigation to forensic capture, deep inspection, and expulsion. Or create your own with our extensible scripting engine.

Deeper Insight & Greater Visibility

Centralized Events with elastic search delivers fast and complete insight. Peer-to-Peer architecture delivers lightning fast communications for results in seconds, not hours.

Fidelis AV

Equip organizations to confidently detect, respond to, and resolve security incidents in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional approaches without breaking the bank.

Fidelis Deception™ Module

Lure, detect, and defend against attackers with intelligent deception that adapts to your environment.

Intelligent Deception

Combine a wide variety of realistic decoys, false trails and fake credentials that look, act and feel real to attackers.

Adapts As Your Network Changes

Deception that continuously maps networks and assets then automatically creates, deploys and manages a decoy network based on real assets, services, users and processes.

High Fidelity Alerts. No False Positives.

Instead of searching in vain for the bad actor within an ocean of good data, deception delivers actionable alerts, forensics and events from decoys, behavior and traffic analysis. These have extremely high fidelity and no false positives when tuned.

Fidelis Insight™

Go beyond signatures and feeds and achieve insight.

Automatic Threat Validation

Automatic threat correlation, triangulation, validation and consolidation is powered by intelligence from Fidelis.

Universe of Detections

Bring together machine learning, anomaly detection, session, packet and content inspection with sandbox determination and historical metadata analysis to create a unique and authoritative conclusion that teams can act on with confidence.

No Stone Unturned

Investigate what attackers have done in the past. Apply new intelligence to historical data to detect compromises that already happened. Fidelis provides a lighter, faster and less expensive way to analyze historical data.

Fidelis Cloud: Simple Subscriptions | Sophisticated Security

Rapid Deployment. Powerful Security. No Headache.

We were blown away when we first saw the power of integration at work in Fidelis Elevate. Fidelis has actually integrated network and endpoint in a way that improves our security operations.

- Government Research Facility