Fidelis Elevate™ Security Assessment

The Fidelis Elevate Security Assessment provides an easy way to experience the benefits of Fidelis Network® and/or Fidelis Endpoint® in your own environment. Unlike other trials and proof of concept approaches, this Fidelis-managed, cloud-hosted evaluation only requires 3 to 4 hours of your time. You get results based on your actual network and endpoint traffic as well as a detailed report that summarizes threats identified in your environment.

What we look for - Based on our work with hundreds of organizations across every major industry, our Threat Research Team has developed a set of high-level categories to help you understand and prioritize suspicious activity. This includes alerts generated due to malware infiltration as well as data exfiltration. Each alert is grouped within a category that corresponds to different stages of the attack lifecycle. This classification accelerates your response time and helps prioritize alerts. At the end of the seven-day period, you receive:

Guided Review of Findings: Your account team will review the findings, in detail, during your assessment wrap-up meeting. In addition to explaining what the alerts mean, your account team will demonstrate the underlying data that Fidelis Network and/or Fidelis Endpoint captures and how it can assist in investigating and resolving suspected security incidents in your network or on your endpoints.

Executive Summary Report:* This report summarizes and prioritizes all the threats that Fidelis Network has identified across each stage of the attack lifecycle (Breach to Exfiltration) so that you can share it with other key stakeholders.
*(Only available with the Fidelis Network Assessment)