Fidelis Enterprise

A modern approach to detect and stop attacks.

Detect attacks traditional IPSs can’t see and resolve threats in minutes (not hours or days).

Fidelis Enterprise sees and stops modern attacks that traditional IPSs miss. Its next generation intrusion prevention capabilities assemble network sessions in real time and analyze content at wire speed. This enables Fidelis Enterprise to detect attacks that packet- and signature-based solutions miss. Response automation and integrated validation shrink resolution times keeping your enterprise secure and your systems connected.


  • Analyzes sessions, not just packets.
  • Detects attacks in real-time and in the past.
  • Validates alerts on endpoints.
  • Includes endpoint detection and response.
  • Provides rich, actionable alerts.

See what you've been missing!

Next Generation Intrusion Prevention

Traditional intrusion prevention systems were designed to inspect packets. But modern attacks use tactics that aren't visible in packets. Next generation intrusion prevention requires solutions that see sessions and content in real time. detect attacks in the past and present and automatically validate and enrich alerts.

  Traditional IPS Fidelis
Core Technology Deep Packet Inspection Deep Session Inspection®
Detection Focus Exploits Exploits, Threats and Data Theft
Attack Focus Servers Servers and Clients
Detection Timeframe Real-Time Real-Time and in the Past
Advanced Threat Detection Sandbox Rules, Sandbox and Analytics
Content Inspection None Inbound and Outbound
Alert Context Limited Rich and Actionable
Endpoint Response Limited Validation and Remediation


  • Fidelis Network™

    Detect and stop the tools and tactics of advanced attackers including advanced malware, exploits, command and control activity and data theft.

  • Fidelis Endpoint™

    Identify compromised endpoints, automate your response and validate suspected incidents at every stage of the attack lifecycle.

  • About Fidelis

    Learn how Fidelis Cybersecurity's Next Generation Intrusion Prevention solution detect and stops modern instrusions.

Benefits of Fidelis Cloud

    • Detect Attacks Other IPSs Miss

    • Threat Resolution in minutes instead of days

    • 300% Analyst & SOC Efficiency Increase