Improving SOC Efficiency

I’ve Got an Alert. Now What?
Security analysts are overwhelmed with alerts. They don’t get enough information to effectively review and triage suspected incidents. And they don’t have enough context to understand the potential impact.

When analysts do respond to an incident, the task of determining which systems are compromised and retrieving the data can take days. Performing manual investigations is time-consuming and typically requires the use of multiple point solutions. With staffing stretched thin, there are simply not enough qualified resources on hand to keep pace with attacks as they increase in volume and complexity.

Key Challenges We Address

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    Identifying which alerts matter

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    Quickly finding compromised systems

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    Stopping attacks and preventing data theft

How We Do It

Fidelis automates the initial stages of your response so SOC analysts can reduce the time it takes to detect and resolve incidents. Our solution connects the dots between alerts on your network and the endpoints where your most valuable data lives.

Validate Alerts

When your other security tools (e.g. SIEM, log management, IDS/IPS, next-gen firewall, etc.) generate an alert we automate the initial steps of an investigation. Fidelis products validate whether it requires immediate follow-up and provide a timeline of what happened on your network and endpoints before, during and after the alert.

Replay Attacks

Sensors deployed on your network and agents on your endpoints continuously monitor and record key events so you can establish a timeline for suspected incidents by correlating alerts with events that happened in the past.

Contain Endpoints

Halt lateral movement by isolating compromised devices to deny attackers access to systems while still allowing your own teams to perform deeper investigation.

Investigate Fast

Pivot directly from real-time detection to historical investigation and analysis with a single solution.

Stop Data Theft

Unilaterally block unauthorized transfers of information in real- time, across all ports and protocols.

Proactively Hunt for Attackers

The riskiest threats are those that are already in your network. Rapidly search your endpoints and network for signs attackers are (or have been) active in your environment – including content-level metadata about files that have crossed your network in the past and file, network, and registry artifacts on your endpoints.

White Paper: Rapid Detection & Response Model

Learn how you can accelerate your ability to detect, investigate and stop attacks using a model based on proven strategies and methodology used effectively on the front lines by incident responders.

Learn more about detecting attacks

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Interested in improving your SOC analysts ability to detect the alerts that matter, and accelerate their response?

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Interested in improving your SOC analysts ability to detect the alerts that matter, and accelerate their response?

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Identify compromised endpoints and automate your investigation and response. Fidelis Endpoint is an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution that enables you to rapidly triage and validate suspected incidents while proactively hunting for threats.

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