Incident Response

Our incident response team provides immediate assistance to determine the scope of the incident, remove attackers from your environment and re-secure your network.

Advanced attackers continue to evolve their tactics and routinely bypass preventive security measures. When an incident occurs, every moment counts. Each of our incident response experts has over eighteen years of experience on average on the front lines responding to security incidents. They can help quickly identify the scope of an attack and will work with you to remediate and re-secure your network. We draw on our proprietary technology, threat intelligence and experience responding to hundreds of critical security incidents. This unique combination of skills, experience and tools enables us to efficiently resolve incidents and provide recommendations on what preventive measures would be effective in reducing damage from subsequent attacks.

Capabilities & Details

Emergency Response

Within hours, we can begin online analysis or be on our way to respond onsite. We focus on minimizing the impact of the event on your organization and re-securing your network.

Incident Response Retainer

Establish the terms and conditions before a compromise so you have a trusted adviser on call to quickly respond and reduce the time an attacker is active in your environment.

SecurityAssessmentCreated with Sketch. Environment Assessment

Review existing evidence and information to ensure accurate understanding of the environment and develop a tailored response strategy.

NetworkAnalyticsCreated with Sketch. Investigation & Scoping

Establish enterprise-wide visibility across both network and endpoints to identify suspicious behavior and determine where attackers are (or have been) active.

DetectAdvancesThreatsCreated with Sketch. Containment

Gain situational control of the incident and isolate attackers to ensure attacker activity has stopped and data moving through organization is secure.

Group 17 CopyCreated with Sketch. Remediation & Recovery

Remove any and all traces of the attacker and recommend security controls to reduce vulnerabilities.

Page 1 CopyCreated with Sketch. Malware Analysis

We have a dedicated malware team focused on reverse engineering malicious files we identify during the investigation and researching the latest exploits.

signs-1Created with Sketch. Forensics

Perform evidence collection and preservation, forensic media imaging, live network cyber forensics, file and e-mail analysis, mobile device forensics, data recovery, restoration, and preservation.

Deliverables & Reporting

At the conclusion of our engagement we provide you with a final report with a detailed analysis that documents our findings, along with clear steps you can implement to strengthen your security posture and close gaps in your defenses.

Engage our Experts

Plan Ahead: Establish terms and conditions before a compromise and have a trusted adviser on call with the Incident Response Retainer.

IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE: We are available 24x7 if you suspect a security incident and require immediate information or assistance.

Other Problems We Solve

Created with Sketch. Incident Response Readiness Assessment

Are you prepared for a potential incident? We can help you evaluate, assess and validate your incident response plan and your ability to quickly respond.

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Created with Sketch. Compromise Assessment

Suspect you may already have been compromised but need verification? We can evaluate your environment to determine if attackers are active in your environment, or have been in the past.

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