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Fidelis Network® provides unparalleled network visibility across all ports and protocols, detects threats and prevents data loss. Unlike other solutions Fidelis Network goes beyond inspecting just packets; the technology looks deep into the content and provides greater context around threats and data exfiltration attempts. This means our customers never miss an attack or data leaving your network.

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    See for Yourself

    The Network Trial enables a quick hands-on evaluation using real world network traffic, rather than canned data. The trial doesn’t require any equipment deployment effort and avoids the complexities and delays involved in a full-blown proof of concept, which would require deploying Fidelis Network Sensors and configuring switches, TAPs, firewalls, etc., in your network. See what Fidelis Network can do for your organization with this free, no-risk trial.


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    Your Trial Includes

    • A full Trial Guide
    • Analysis and processing of real world network traffic
    • Full access to the Fidelis Network Cloud dashboard
    • Full visibility of your network metadata
    • Prioritized and grouped alerts
    • Guidance on how to create threat hunting rules
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    Getting Started

    1. Complete the trial request form and accept the trial agreement. Next, a Fidelis representative will contact you to provide some additional information.
    2. Once your trial is approved, you will receive guidance on how to upload a Packet Capture (PCAP) file to Fidelis Cloud so that Fidelis Network can run an analysis.
    3. You will be provided other product documentation to help you maximize your trial experience.

Prefer to find out more first? Read the Fidelis Network® datasheet

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