Fidelis Cybersecurity Awarded 2017 Golden IDET award at the International Trade Fair of Defense

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Brno, Czech Republic – June 21, 2017 – Fidelis Cybersecurity has been awarded the 2017 Golden IDET Award at the International Trade Fair of Defense and Security Technology (IDET). Fidelis received the award for its integrated Fidelis Network and Fidelis Endpoint solution that enables organizations to detect, respond to and resolve security incidents in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional approaches.

IDET, which took place in Brno, Czech Republic, was set up to promote the Czech defense and security industry. The Golden IDET is an award bestowed on the best solutions at the event. Fidelis Cybersecurity won the award for best security communications and information technology. It is the first time this award has been bestowed to a company in the field of cybersecurity.

“Fidelis is pleased to have been recognized with this award. The fact that the Fidelis was the first from the cybersecurity sector to be awarded the Golden IDET in the history of the expo is a great honor and further demonstrates the strength of our technology,” says Alexander Mašek, Regional Sales Director, Eastern Europe.

Fidelis automates alert detection, validation and response. Organizations can accelerate triage, investigation and remediation while dramatically increasing the efficiency and capability of their teams.

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