Next Generation Intrusion Prevention

The Fidelis Next Generation Intrusion Prevention solution is architected to detect and stop modern intrusions. It can be delivered as a service from the cloud or, when necessary, deployed on premise.
The number of threats organizations face is increasing exponentially as attackers – armed with new tools and techniques and inspired by a range of motives – grow more sophisticated and widen the scope of their targets.

Traditional Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) were originally designed to identify attacks targeting known vulnerabilities. But the exploits attackers use have changed. Attackers are no longer server-centric. Today they use unexpected pathways to target clients and distributed endpoints. While attackers innovate, traditional IPSs have stood still. They live on largely unchanged in scope, generating low-value alerts for security teams while attackers slip past them in pursuit of high-value targets.

Key Challenges We Address

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    Detecting Intrusions Traditional IPSs Can’t See

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    Reducing Time to Resolve Incidents by 30%+

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    Consolidating Your Security Stack

How We Do It

The Fidelis Next Generation Intrusion Prevention solution (NGIPS) uses a modern approach to detect and stop attacks. We reassemble sessions in real time across all ports and protocols. Then, we recursively decode the content at line speed. This means we see exploits buried deep inside the content that packet-based NGIPS have been missing.


Analyzes Sessions, Not Just Packets

Our session-based approach goes beyond packet-based signatures. We see the entire inbound and outbound communication stream, which allows us to detect attacks that slip by packet-focused IPSs.

Focused on Threats, Not Just Vulnerabilities

We use Yara-based rule sets that are better suited than Snort for detecting modern threats. They also generate fewer false positives.

Automated Alert Enrichment

We provide integrated forensics with each alert. With one click you can see what was happening before and after the alert so you can act rapidly and confidently.

Detects Intrusions in Real-Time and in the Past

New intelligence is automatically applied to rich metadata from your network and endpoints to detect attacks in the past and provide additional context.

Automatically Validates Alerts on Endpoints

Out-of-the-box integration automatically validates network alerts. You see which endpoints are impacted and can take action remotely.

Includes Endpoint Detection and Response

We provide integrated forensics with each alert. With one click you can see what was happening before and after the alert so you can act rapidly and confidently.

Solutions Overview

More boxes isn’t the answer. It’s time to demand more from your IPS. Download our solution overview to see what you’ve been missing.

Comparison of Fidelis vs. Traditional IPS Solutions
  Traditional IPS Fidelis
Core Technology Deep Packet Inspection Deep Session Inspection™
Detection Focus Exploits Exploits, Threats and Data Theft
Attack Focus Servers Servers and Clients
Detection Timeframe Real-Time Real-Time and In the Past
Advanced Threat Detection Sandbox Rules, Sandbox and Analytics
Content Inspection None Inbound and Outbound
Alert Context Limited Rich and Actionable
Endpoint Response Limited Validation and Remediation

Take Us for a Spin!

Our cloud-based deployment model makes it easy to get started. Schedule a Cloud Trial to see what Fidelis can do in your organization.

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