1. Fidelis' Doron Kolton details more efficient cyber security using intelligent deception
  2. Fidelis launches Intelligent deception module less than 4 months after acquiring Isreali cyber deception company, Topspin
  3. Fidelis Deception featured in Help Net Security's new products of the week
  4. Fidelis is advancing its Elevate platform with deception capabilities to enable a broader Automated Detection and Response offering.
  5. Fidelis Cybersecurity's Tim Roddy and John Bambenek make their predictions about the future of Cybersecurity in 2018
  6. A white hat hacker says no company should use Amazon's enterprise version of its virtual assistant if privacy and trade secrets are important to your
  7. Washington: Amid a frantic rush to patch a computer security flaw, experts struggled on Friday to determine the impact of a newly discovered vulnerabi

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