Fidelis Network® provides sensors for gateways, internal networks, email and web gateways, and cloud VMs with deep session inspection for content and context across all ports and protocols to detect threats and prevent data loss. Fidelis Network provides over 300 metadata attributes and supports custom tags to drive machine learning analysis, threat detection and threat hunting in real-time and retrospectively with Fidelis Network you can:

  • Collect rich metadata from multiple sensor locations for cross-session and multi-faceted analysis, plus machine learning anomalies
  • Detect and hunt threats in real-time and retrospectively against the content and context of stored metadata for up to 360 days
  • Eliminate alert fatigue by consolidating similar alerts and pre-staging evidence in one view
  • Prevent threats by dropping network sessions, quarantining malicious emails and redirecting web pages
  • Confirm and stop data theft through deep session, content, and packet inspection of all outbound network activity including web and email

See the value of rich metadata not found in SIEM dashboards or firewall logs from multiple sensors providing comprehensive visibility across networks, cloud, email and web in action. Request your personalized demonstration of Fidelis Network today!

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