Fidelis Barncat™ Intelligence Database

Fidelis Cybersecurity offers free tools and intelligence to the security community to ensure, together, we create a world where attackers have no place to hide.

Over a million new malware samples are created every day. It’s challenging to keep up with processing malware that fast. The deluge of unique samples from Remote Access Tools (RATs), makes it particularly difficult for incident responders to protect their networks.

Enter Fidelis Barncat™. We have designed Barncat as a resource to share our valuable intelligence and enhance collaboration across the security community. How does Barncat sniff out RATs? The Barncat engine extracts malware configuration settings from samples collected in our incident response investigations and other intelligence gathering operations. Then, we place them in a single intelligence database and give you access. While file hashes are easy to change, attackers are much less likely to change the configuration settings in the RATs they use to create their malware. By creating IOCs that find malware with unique configuration settings security teams can identify attackers with more accuracy and attribute multiple attacks to a common threat actor.

This database is intended to be used by CERTs, research organizations, government entities, ISPs and other large commercial enterprises. To ensure proper use of this resource, organizations requesting access to the database will be required to provide some information about their organization, and how they plan to use the Barncat intelligence database.