Extend Network Visibility and Secure Applications and Data in Azure

On-Demand Webinar


Cloud adoption of applications and data, mainly into VMs using infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS,) is well underway with organizations expected to reach 60-80% adoption of their portfolios by 2021. What remains behind are legacy applications and supporting office and campus networks for workplace collaboration and reduced or closed data centers. Gaining visibility of VM-based cloud applications and data to detect threats and data loss/theft has been challenging, and securing this traffic requires new approaches.

If you have Azure-based applications or are considering hosting applications in Azure, register for this webinar to find out how Microsoft, Gigamon and Fidelis Cybersecurity can provide the visibility and security required for your cloud-based traffic.

In this webinar product and cybersecurity experts will examine:

  • The cloud environment today and the current state of cloud security
  • How to gain visibility of north-south and east-west traffic in Azure via Microsoft’s Virtual Network TAP or Gigamon
  • The technology and integration capabilities between Microsoft, Gigamon and Fidelis Cybersecurity
  • The benefits of deploying Fidelis Network sensors in the cloud – to detect and investigate advanced attacks at every stage of the kill chain
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