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  1. Learn all aspects of administration and analysis using hands-on labs and configure ThreatBridge to create alerts on desired metadata.
  2. Learn how Fidelis Network parses network session data to produce a robust system of alerts and metadata right out of the box.
  3. 30-minute webinar where we will review three of the most frequent types of alerts, explain the questions you should ask and review common tools.
  4. Vawtrak DGA Round 2

    Threat Advisory

    Vawtrak threat actors have changed tactics. Our research provides insight into their adjusted DGA implementation.
  5. The H-W0rm RAT is one of the most active and infectious RATs we've observed. Learn more about H-W0rm and how to detect it.
  6. Gartner illustrates how security and risk management professionals must manage and defend security budgets to meet stakeholder expectations