5 Must Haves to Automate & Accelerate Security Operations

White Paper


Modern cyber attacks are processes, not single events. They span all phases of the threat lifecycle—from initial exploits, reconnaissance, command and control communication, and staging, to theft or destruction of valuable data—over hours, days, weeks or even months. And the longer threats lurk in your network, the more expensive they become to resolve.

Detection alone alerts you to a problem, but it doesn’t help you solve it. You need to combine fast, comprehensive detection with specific validation and mature prevention, response and remediation capabilities to protect your business information and your bottom line. But with so many vendors emphasizing their features and so many options from which to choose, how do you really know what’s most important?

Based on years of experience protecting the world’s most sensitive data, Fidelis has identified five key capabilities a modern, automated, integrated security solution requires. From preventing or detecting attacks to automating incident response, accelerating security operations requires that you take a comprehensive, unified approach to protect your data and your corporate value.


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