Pervasive Public Cloud Visibility Enables Comprehensive Security Against Modern Intrusions


Data is constantly in motion and a holistic visibility solution must identify, control, and secure this data in motion to provide the best understanding of what’s happening across the network. This visibility problem has only become more complex as technologies migrate to the public cloud. Organizations have invested millions to build secure networks to keep would-be attackers out of their enterprises. Despite these investments, determined attackers continue to routinely compromise organizations, remain undetected, and steal intellectual property and financial assets. 

Join Fidelis Cybersecurity’s Jared Phipps and Gigamon’s Kirk Punches as they discuss recognizing the power of visibility — to accelerate the discovery of suspicious activity and advanced targeted attacks.

Attendees will learn:

  • The importance of enhanced visibility and easy access to all network traffic
  • Visibility challenges in the public cloud
  • Detecting attacks that other solutions miss
  • Reducing time to detect and resolve modern intrusions
On Demand Webinar