Fidelis Endpoint®: A Technical Deep Dive

White Paper


Receive the information you need—when you need it—to make rapid, accurate decisions 

Fidelis Endpoint® is designed for automated detection and response to today’s advanced cyber threats. It enables organizations to detect, respond and resolve security incidents quickly and effectively by:

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  • Rapidly accelerating and automating the validation process
  • Cutting down the investigation workflow with automatic collection and correlation of related events, processes and files
  • Automating the response processes like endpoint isolation, memory analysis and forensic collection

With Fidelis Endpoint organizations gain the visibility, context and automation needed to identify attacks as they happen and prevent them from becoming breaches. This enables security teams to quickly focus on the incidents that matter and respond swiftly. Once a suspected incident is validated, the involved endpoints can be automatically isolated while allowing investigations to continue.

This overview explains how the Fidelis Endpoint module unifies into one powerful solution that provides endpoint detection and response (EDR) and endpoint protection platform (EPP) capabilities traditionally available only as disparate point products.

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