Fidelis Cybersecurity Assessments

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Evolve your security posture to address modern threats

Fidelis’ dedicated Services team has nearly two decades of experience remediating some of the world’s most high-profile security breaches. To meet each organization’s specific needs, assessments see a variety of best practices and guidelines  applied to  organizations — including those defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Carnegie Mellon University Computer Emergency Response Team (CSIRT). The in-depth assessment process provides a comprehensive picture of your readiness posture and a clear plan for strengthening it.

Incident Response Readiness Assessment 

Get a clear picture of your security posture in a format that can be easily communicated to other stakeholders. Our experts evaluate and assess your incident response plan and your ability to respond to critical security incidents based on your organization’s specific needs.  

1) Assessment: In-depth review of your incident response plan, including team roles and responsibilities, security policy and procedures, and security controls.

2) Evaluation: Comparison of findings to industry best practices and application of our first-hand experience to identify gaps and opportunities to improve your readiness.

3) Insights: Receive gap analysis report identifying deficiencies in your organization’s incident response capabilities

Security Program Review 

Understand how your security program compares to your peers and industry best practices. Our experts assess your company’s defense-in-depth strategy by building an understanding of your current architecture. With a focus on people, process, and technology the final report includes a detailed analysis of our experts’ observations with an actionable list of recommendations.  

1) Assessment: We conduct a review of your organization including architecture, design, system and software. Relevant documents are reviewd and staff interviews are conducted for a complete 360 view. 

2) Evaluation: Evaluation of your defense-in-depth strategy and critical controls is conducted using industry best guidelines presented by the Center for Internet Security Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense.

3) Insights: Organizations receive a thorough report which includes a detailed analysis of our experts’ observations and gap test findings alongside actionable list of recommended enhancements.

Security Operations Review

Design your organization’s SOC from the ground up or transform your existing capability by assessing your current security effectiveness. Building and operating a SOC requires strategic decisions and investment – our experts work closely with you to understand what matters most to your organization and what improvements need to be made to attain a robust security posture. 

1) Assessment: Initally the Fidelis Team conducts a comprehensive analysis of your SOC. This focusses on documentation and staff interviews

2) Evaluation: We parse and correlate gathered data to identify capabilities for each mission area to identify any inefficiencies

3) Insights: We leverage our findings to create a detailed report providing an actionable list of recommended enhancements for improving security operations efficiency

Knowledge and Experience Backed by Fidelis Technology:


Fidelis Network® sensors provide full visibility into all communication moving in and out of the network, including traffic traversing laterally inside of the enterprise where the malicious actor may be staging data for exfiltration.

Fidelis Endpoint® allows the application of intelligence and any known Indicators of Compromise to sweep all endpoints in an enterprise to rapidly detect all compromised systems.

Fidelis Deception automatically discovers and classifies networks and assets to provide an accurate image of your environment. Using breadcrumbs and lures, the technology exposes the reconnaissance movements of an attacker to expedite swift removal.