Fidelis Threat Research

Creating Actionable Insight to Strengthen Your Cyber Defense

Not all organizations are alike – That’s why we provide tailored intelligence,
specific to your organization to strengthen your security posture.

Organizations need to go beyond global intelligence feeds based on static indicators of compromise and instead focus on customized intelligence analysis and reporting. However, many cyber security teams do not have the right skills or operational bandwidth to secure this type of intelligence. Fidelis Threat Research as a Service (TRaaS) provides threat research expertise and intelligence with on-demand access to information or consulting services.

The Solution

Fidelis Threat Research as a Service (TRaaS) gives organizations direct access to our intelligence professionals, who will develop custom threat intelligence and countermeasures to be leveraged by SOC analysts, based off submitted requests for information. Gain a competitive advantage over adversaries with the benefits of industry leading experts.

The Components

Request for Information (RFI)

Receive custom intelligence, tailored to your specific requirements such as threat actor/group reporting, intelligence relating to shifting TTPs, specific campaign analysis and reporting or gain IOC context. Malware Services are also available and can provide Sandboxing Analysis and Reversing services.

Consultative Threat Research

Benefit from on-site or remote Threat Hunting training or assistance, delivered by the Fidelis Threat Research Team or schedule a Threat Research led product health check workshop. If your team is focused on supplementing countermeasures with threat intelligence, the Threat Research Team can provide assistance in creating client defined, customer rules, or provide rule creation training.

The Fidelis Difference:


The Fidelis Threat Research team is comprised of expert security researchers whose sole focus is generating accurate and actionable intelligence to better secure customers. Together, they represent over 75 years of collective experience in the space of research and intelligence.


The output of Fidelis Threat Research as a service is designed specifically to be leveraged to its maximum potential. Tailored YARA rules will are produced for input into the Fidelis product suite.


We go beyond the subscription and provide additional value including weekly intelligence updates and intelligence briefs. Top tier customers will also receive annual site visits free of charge.

The Benefits

Tailored Intelligence

The Fidelis Research Team consider the wider context of your organization and industry to generate relevant, accurate and actionable countermeasures that can be applied directly to improve security.

Focus on What Matters

We do the research so you and your team can focus on keeping on top of incoming alerts and business impacting security tasks.

Timely Responses

We understand that every second counts in cyber security. The research team’s sole focus is intelligence and is dedicated to providing provides accurate intelligence and countermeasures quickly, so you aren’t wasting precious time.

Budget Smart

The development of custom threat intelligence is not an easy task and finding the talent to support these initiatives is both difficult and extremely expensive, and often the intelligence required does not justify a full-time high-salaried employee. By outsourcing intelligence requirements, you can reduce your overhead while also securing the quality insights and custom countermeasures for a fraction of the cost.