Put Threat Intelligence To Work

Go beyond signatures and feeds and achieve insight.

Pivot From Detection To Response

Automatic validation lets teams move directly from detection to response with confidence.

Fidelis endpoint script results

Automatic Threat Validation

Automatic threat correlation, triangulation, validation and consolidation is powered by intelligence from Fidelis. Insight analyzes real-time and historical data so you can rapidly detect and respond to threats in your environment, even when they happened in the past.

Fidelis Endpoint Event Details

Detection & Determination Across Multiple Dimensions

Connect the dots to see the complete picture across dimensions and through time.

Universe of Detections

Bring together machine learning, anomaly detection, session, packet and content inspection with sandbox determination and historical metadata analysis to create a unique and authoritative conclusion that teams can act on with confidence.


Threat Intelligence That Reveals The Timeline Of Attack

Sensors continuously apply intelligence and machine learning feeds to monitor and record key events so you can establish a timeline for suspected incidents by correlating alerts with events that happened in the past.

Fidelis Endpoint Module

No Stone Unturned

Investigate what attackers have done in the past. Apply new intelligence to historical data to detect compromises that already happened. Fidelis provides a lighter, faster and less expensive way to analyze historical data because it captures and stores rich content-level metadata.

Fidelis now has strong network and endpoint security solutions coupled with its professional services offerings. Competitors should take note of the new Fidelis.

- Forrester