1. Hunting ATT&CKs: A Framework for Success

    Justin Swisher |

    Threat Hunting. MITRE ATT&CK. These words have been thrown around, mashed together, and forced upon the cyber security world en masse lately. There is no shortage of blogs on each, or on the combination of both – trying to explain them, define them, or show how they matter to every organization … READ MORE

  2. Threat Landscape

    Building a Terrain-Based Defense Strategy

    Dr. Abdul Rahman |

    Not who, not how…but where Across the globe, organizations are being attacked by well-funded hacking groups who succeed in breaching traditional perimeter defenses. These attacks serve to remind us that we can no longer rely entirely on preventive security measures. The reality is that if a gr … READ MORE

  3. Shabak Challenge

    Solving Cyber-Crimes as Agent A

    Rami Mizrahi |

    Spoiler alert! In this blog, I’ll be outlining our approach to solving a cyber challenge that has been posted by the Israeli Secret Service (Shabak). This is not a traditional hacking challenge, but rather focuses on software engineering and data science. The Israel Secret Service, Shabak, try … READ MORE

  4. Insider Threats: Are you prepared for the bad apple?

    Louis Smith |

    In last week’s blog I explained what Insider Threats were, and why organizations should be taking the risk that they pose seriously. This week I’ll be explaining how the organization should approach the issue of insider threat and how you can take the first steps to assessing your level of I … READ MORE

  5. Insider Threat

    Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover: What are Insider Threats? Why Should we Take Them Seriously?  

    Louis Smith |

    Last year we saw a spate of high-profile cyber security breaches that all had one thing in common – they originated from a malicious insider. As cybersecurity professionals, its easy to become so focused on the external threats that we can often forget the threats that could be sitting right b … READ MORE

  6. Security Predictions from the Magic 8 Ball

    Danny Pickens |

    With the end of each year, security professionals break out their crystal balls to estimate what will be the industry’s trends for the coming year. To break this tradition, I decided to not ask my crystal ball, but my magic 8 ball. This post will cover some of the trends that we can look forwar … READ MORE

  7. Cobalt 101

    Cobalt Group: The 101

    Jason Reaves |

    The Fidelis Threat Research analysts have discovered a new version of ThreadKit, malware notorious for its use by the cybercrime organization known as Cobalt Group. This blog post is going to provide some insight into the group. If you want to dive straight into the detail of Fidelis research, c … READ MORE

  8. Don’t Let the Grinch Steal Christmas: A Timeline of Holiday Season Magecart Activity

    Danny Pickens |

    The retail, travel and hospitality industries face difficult security challenges year-round, but November through to the end of the year is the time that keeps the security professionals in these industries especially busy. The holiday shopping season is a time for financially motivated actors t … READ MORE

  9. Threat Hunting

    The Low Down on Threat Hunting

    Rae Jewell |

    Recently we announced our 2018 State of Threat Detection survey results and we picked up on some interesting trends around the subject of threat hunting. But what exactly is threat hunting? Who's doing it? And how can you do it too? Find out the answers below: What is threat hunting? Threat hun … READ MORE