1. Proactive Breach Detection

    It's Time to Seek: 3 Ways to Take Detection to a New Level

    Sam Erdheim |

    The year so far has been a busy one – crypto mining ishappening more frequently, thevolume ofcyberattacks is growing and cybercrime continues to be extremely well-funded. To top it off, with the number of devices being used, cybersecurity has never been more complicated. We’re seeing organiz … READ MORE

  2. VTAP

    We're Going Native: Introducing the Azure Virtual Network TAP

    Tim Roddy |

    This week at Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft called cybersecurity the “central challenge of the digital age,” and drew attention to the fact that organizations are spending valuable time and shifting “resources away from their core business mission to defend against, and recover from, cyberatt … READ MORE

  3. MDR vs. MSSP: Which Solution is the Right Fit for Your Organization?

    Rae Jewell |

    Often, we hear the term “Security as a Service” and itends up gettinglots of words thrown in front of it like Managed Security ServiceProvider (MSSP).Buyers should be aware though, thatanMSSP is often not the same as a Managed Detection and Response Service. The two are very different and th … READ MORE

  4. Deception Deployment Strategies for the Real World

    Tom Clare |

    In nature, deception has been used as both a combat and defense tactic for millennia. The angler fish resides deep in the lightless sea and lures its unwitting prey towards it with an extended dorsal spine - which resembles a fishing pole tipped with a luminous bait. Cyber criminals have been usi … READ MORE

  5. Data Exfiltration in Government Organizations

    Sam Erdheim |

    It’s no secret that US Government Agencies are feeling the pressure – with relentless cyber-attacks – both nation state and otherwise, they are having to strengthen their security posture like never before – in fact, the Federal government has just awarded a $1billion contract to Booz All … READ MORE

  6. Responding to the Cyber Skills Drought with Automation

    Sam Erdheim |

    In our previous blog, Fidelis’ Director of MDR Services, Rae Jewell discussed how 24x7 managed detection and response can help organizations cope with the ever-present cyber-skills drought. This week, we’ll examine how technology that leverages automation can also help organizations address … READ MORE

  7. Responding to the Cyber Skills Drought: The MDR Solution

    Rae Jewell |

    If you ask a CISO today to name the biggest challenges of the job –9 times out of 10, the security skills gapis mentioned.It’s not a myth – the gap iscontinuing to widen and CISOs are feeling the pressure as cyber attacks grow in complexity and are testing enterprises now more than ever. I … READ MORE

  8. The DNA of Detection & Response

    Tom Clare |

    The migration from prevention to detection defenses is driving a new perspective on the DNA required to be successful. Decades of preventive defenses have ingrained concepts of sandboxing, crowd sourced visibility, cloud-based intelligence, and using machine learning anomaly detection to prevent … READ MORE

  9. Emotet Update

    Jason Reaves |

    Earlier this year the Fidelis Threat Research team detailed an update with Emotet involving the use of NetPass and string obfuscation which you can read about here(1). Recently I began researching an Emotet sample that appeared to have been updated yet again. Together with researchers from Flashp … READ MORE