1. Creating Understanding from Data

    Webcast: Creating Understanding from Data

    The digital footprint of an organization is more expansive than ever before with more devices, sensors and cloud-based services connecting to the network. The amount of data that is collected and stored is massive and growing by the minute. How do security professionals properly analyze the righ … READ MORE

  2. When law firms need protection: let’s talk cyber

    When law firms need protection: let’s talk cyber

    Cyber attacks are now making the headlines on a daily basis and whether you’re a business handling confidential data or concerned with your own cyber health, having the right precautions in place to mitigate the risk of an attack has become a top business priority. Indeed, with the history’s … READ MORE

  3. Fidelis Topspin Acquisition

    Fidelis Acquires Adaptive Deception Company TopSpin

    Today we announced the acquisition of TopSpin Security, an intelligent deception security vendor. We’re extremely excited about bringing the TopSpin DECOYnet technology and expertise into the Fidelis family. Automated Detection & Response Gets Deception TopSpin was recognized by Gartner as a 20 … READ MORE

  4. Fidelis Elevate ADR Blog

    What is Fidelis Elevate and Why Does ADR Matter?

    The Problem: Modern attacks are a complex and often automated series of processes, steps and interrelated events that penetrate the cybersecurity perimeter. They combine automated attacks at scale with more targeted attacks both simultaneously and continuously. Additionally, the toolsets for achi … READ MORE

  5. Fidelis at BSides DC 2017

    2017 Security B-Sides DC

    The foundation of Security B-Sides was predicated on individuals within the information security community who wanted to participate within their industry, sharing thoughts and ideas with other passionate InfoSec professionals, while creating a sense of community and stewardship for their collec … READ MORE

  6. Fidelis and the New Metrics of Security Operations

    The New Metrics of Security Operations: Tracking [R]evolutionary Improvement In Efficiency and Effectiveness with Automated Detection & Response (ADR)

    CISOs have become leaders in their businesses rather than just experts in their departments. As a result, they face three new requirements: To educate their peers on the scope, scale, severity and solutions for cybersecurity and how emerging threats affect each aspect of the business. To eleva … READ MORE

  7. How Security Metrics Deliver Business Value & Compliance

    Metrics are tangible values that quantify progress towards a goal. An analytic system combines metrics from numerous sources to assist CISOs and their peers to understand trends and patterns. Metrics play a key role in a larger analytics system. As integral as cybersecurity is to business operat … READ MORE

  8. Emotet Evolution: The Spreader Gets Integrated

    Emotet Evolution: The Spreader Gets Integrated

    Introduction On July 19, 2017 we wrote about the incorporation of a spreader component into the popular Emotet downloader. Just a short while later, a volume spam campaign was initiated that delivered Emotet with further modifications from the samples that we had analyzed. This post documents th … READ MORE

  9. Decrease well time

    The biggest challenge to reduce dwell-time might surprise you

    This is part of a Black Hatinterview with Hardik Modi, Vice President Threat Intelligence thatoriginally ran on https://www.blackhat.com/sponsor-interview/05262017.html#fidelis Question: Organizations are under increasing pressure to improve incident detection and to reduce dwell-times. What are … READ MORE