1. Dear Internet, Tear Down This Wall!

    Fidelis Cybersecurity is proud to support the Wall of Sheep (WoS) at Def Con 2016, but this Wall needs to come down. Over the past several years, it's been standing-room only for WoS participants. This year's event promises to be even more spectacular. For those who need background, the 'sheep' o … READ MORE

  2. FANCY BEAR Has an (IT) Itch that They Can’t Scratch

    Following news reports that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) was breached via a spoofed donation website, the ThreatConnect Research team and Fidelis Cybersecurity teamed up to collaborate and take a look at the associated domain to ferret out additional details on the acti … READ MORE

  3. Black Hat 2016: Viva Las Vegas with Fidelis Cybersecurity

    We're counting down the last few days to Black Hat USA 2016. As you pack your suitcase and map out your schedule, plan on joining a meetup, seeing a demo or hitting us up for swag at the Fidelis Networking Lounge (aka Booth #1116). We can’t promise unicorns and narwhals, but we will have cool t … READ MORE

  4. DNC Email Leak: A Cybersecurity Watershed Moment

    In politics, getting the dirt on your adversary is nothing new. Candidates and campaigns have been trying to dig up dirt on each other since the dawn of democracy in Athens. More recently, we’ve seen everything from burgling party headquarters, to wiretaps, and campaign stalkers that record eve … READ MORE

  5. Chasing Down RATs with Barncat

    Threat actors provide valuable clues when they compromise a new environment. But a single clue, such as a malware sample, seldom sheds the necessary light on an attack. Sniffing out the tools and tactics of attackers requires that you (or someone you know) has seen them before. Historical attack … READ MORE

  6. Chinese Browsers: The Perfect Reconnaissance Tool

    One of our trusted partners from Poland, Exatel S.A., has discovered that a web browser developed by Maxthon, a company from China, has been collecting sensitive data from its users. The Maxthon browser has anywhere from .75-1% of the global browser market, and has been estimated to be 2-3% of Ch … READ MORE

  7. Me and Mr. Robot: Tracking the Actor Behind the MAN1 Crypter

    With season two of Mr. Robot approaching, the storyline follows a hacker group that takes down an evil global corporation and collapses the financial market. Led by the mysterious Mr. Robot, the hackers use a variety of tricks to evade detection, and seem to cover their tracks at every turn. Ther … READ MORE

  8. Shining a Light on Xenon: Unravelling the Crypter

    We've recently observed a new crypter called Xenon used to deliver Locky, a strain of ransomware, and Ruckguv, a type of malware that can download and install other types of malware. Xenon employs a novel trick to bypass debuggers, which we’ll describe here along with the techniques it uses. We … READ MORE

  9. Cyber-Brexit: The Chance for a Cybersecurity Renaissance

    Well Britain, you’ve done it. The referendum is over and it's time to start thinking ahead about how the UK will reconcile its new laws and regulations. I believe that the UK could be at the beginning of a cybersecurity Renaissance, and I’ll explain why. At this point, it is uncertain how lo … READ MORE