1. Over the past few months, we have seen Angler Exploit Kit activity increase across our observed telemetry. In some instances, Angler EK relies on redirects (also known as “gates”) to funnel victim traffic to its landing pages. In others, Angler EK does not use redirect techniques but instead … READ MORE

  2. Over the last several months we had the opportunity to engage in many conversations with both customers and IT security leaders about the events happening in the security market. Cyber warfare took new meaning in 2015 and left lethal destruction in its path. As we wind down and head into the New … READ MORE

  3. Last month, CrowdStrike published a blog on malware campaigns attributed to Sakula. We took a look at the malware specifically in the INOCNATION campaign to analyze what was new and different about the techniques used by the threat actor. It appears the entity behind this campaign took steps to m … READ MORE

  4. It’s become widely accepted that security incidents are inevitable for any organization that has valuable data. Detecting security incidents early in the attack lifecycle is vital to reducing risk, yet most security breaches go undetected until it’s too late, and an outside incident response … READ MORE

  5. As a cybersecurity professional, I’m constantly on guard against online attacks and diligently protect my personal data. But for every professional like me who takes cybersecurity seriously, there are thousands of unsuspecting shoppers who lack the basic knowledge needed to protect themselves … READ MORE

  6. Earlier this month, the media covered an FBI presentation on ransomware. What was noteworthy was that the FBI warned that because ransomware encryption is so good, the easiest thing for victims to do may be to pay the ransom to recover their files. Such advice has spurred a debate in the security … READ MORE

  7. by John Bambenek To see the full threat report and findings, visit Fidelis Threat Advisory #1019 Ratcheting Down on JSocket: A PC and Android Threat. The report includes analysis of PC capabilities and an updated list of observed JSocket Command-and-Control nodes observed in the wild. Enterpri … READ MORE

  8. By Mike Buratowski Recent attacks on Hillary Clinton, CIA Director John Brennan and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson reveal the conflicting issues involving federal and law enforcement agencies. In the private sector, the fallout from the highly publicized JPMorgan Chase brea … READ MORE

  9. by Ryan Vela In our last post, Resolution1 Endpoint conquered malware in a *nix environment. In this installment, we explore how Resolution1 Endpoint can help you hunt for attackers across all operating systems. When it comes to hunting, you need the visibility to find what you’re hunting for … READ MORE