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  1. Proactive Breach Detection

    It's Time to Seek: 3 Ways to Take Detection to a New Level

    Sam Erdheim |

    The year so far has been a busy one – crypto mining ishappening more frequently, thevolume ofcyberattacks is growing and cybercrime continues to be extremely well-funded. To top it off, with the number of devices being used, cybersecurity has never been more complicated. We’re seeing organiz … READ MORE

  2. Data Exfiltration in Government Organizations

    Sam Erdheim |

    It’s no secret that US Government Agencies are feeling the pressure – with relentless cyber-attacks – both nation state and otherwise, they are having to strengthen their security posture like never before – in fact, the Federal government has just awarded a $1billion contract to Booz All … READ MORE

  3. Responding to the Cyber Skills Drought with Automation

    Sam Erdheim |

    In our previous blog, Fidelis’ Director of MDR Services, Rae Jewell discussed how 24x7 managed detection and response can help organizations cope with the ever-present cyber-skills drought. This week, we’ll examine how technology that leverages automation can also help organizations address … READ MORE

  4. Fidelis Deception now in the cloud

    Fidelis Extends Elevate Platform to Protect Cloud Assets with Active Deception

    Sam Erdheim |

    Cloud access credentials for AWS cloud accounts hardcoded and placed within containers make it all too easy for hackers to gain entry. We’ve all seen it in the news - businesses are falling victim to their AWS cloud assets being used to mine crypto currency. The benefit of cloud is agility, how … READ MORE

  5. Fidelis blog: A SOC under siege: alert fatigue

    A SOC Under Siege: How to Reduce Alert Fatigue

    Sam Erdheim |

    I recently sat down with a SOC analyst from a large e-commerce vendor who showed me his daily workflow. He walked through how he had different data sources pumping into his SIEM, which spit out lots of alerts. Then he walked through a few examples, starting with the alert from the SIEM and then … READ MORE

  6. Fidelis SOC under siege

    A SOC Under Siege: Alert Overload and Cyber Skills Shortage

    Sam Erdheim |

    A SOC Under Siege: Alert Overload and Cyber Skills Shortage One of the key issues in cybersecurity today is the skills shortage – there simply are not enough cybersecurity professionals to go around in the everyday battle against cybercriminals, nation-states and hacktivists. According to the … READ MORE