Fidelis Training

Fidelis is proud to offer world class training to support our suite of cyber security products. We offer analyst level courses designed to get you “in the trenches” and working with alert data immediately. We also offer advanced courses for our more technical and experienced users, who want to take it to the next level. Our “hands on” approach to training gives you experience working with the tools so that you can be proficient in your enterprise environment immediately. We offer our classes on a public “per-seat” model or we can host a private class at your location or ours. Classes can be delivered live in person or via our live-online classroom environment.


Course Descriptions

  • Introduction to Fidelis Network

    2-Day Instructor Led Course

    In this hands on introductory course you will learn the capabilities of the Fidelis Network® ​ component of the Fidelis Elevate platform.  Participants will gain an understanding of the leading technology, architecture and capabilities like Deep Packet and Session inspection that makes Network a leading solution. You will learn how to navigate the user interface and create alerts and policies that allow you to monitor and control what takes place in your environment. Students will learn how work with metadata collected by Fidelis Network. You will learn how to search and filter data and interpret it to create rules that secures your environment.
  • Introduction to Fidelis Endpoint

    2-Day Instructor Led Course

    In this hands on introductory course you will learn the capabilities of the Fidelis Endpoint® component of the Fidelis Elevate platform.  You will learn how to search for events that have taken place on your endpoints in your network and create rules to take action. You learn how to investigate and detect security threats based on process events. Learn how Fidelis Endpoint quarantines malware that enters your environment to prevent harm and how you can analyze that malware. You will gain an understanding of the Fidelis IOC library and the Fidelis Script library to aid in the automated monitoring and control of endpoints.
  • Introduction to Fidelis Elevate

    4-Day Instructor Led Course

    Network and Endpoint together at last! With the Fidelis Elevate platform you gain unprecedented network visibility combined with automated detection and response. In this four day course two great things come together, you will be exposed to and learn everything that is in the Network and Endpoint class and in addition how they collaborate together to monitor and secure your infrastructure. With Fidelis Elevate, analysis is performed by network sensors, endpoint agents, Fidelis Insight and Collector. Security analytics are automatically correlated and triangulated across the environment and presented to the analyst in a single user interface known as K2.


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